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Emergency septic service for residential and commercial properties. Professional support for lift station cleaning, septic inspections, lift station repair, grease trap cleaning, storm drain cleaning, jet cleaning septic lines, septic tank replacement, emergency septic Repair.

Highly qualified professionals led by Donnie Buckner, Owner, who has worked with industrial and residential vacuum excavation for 25+ years as a Sumter County, Florida native.

Lake, Sumter, Marion, and Citrus County can be assured that your septic system will be ready when you need it.


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If your septic tank should need to be replaced, we have the proper licenses and equipment to make this process smooth and easy. Schedule a quote at 352-322-9068
A septic tank functions as part of a system, and is susceptible to failure. Prior to purchasing a home, the homebuyers should definitely have the septic tank inspected as part of a general property inspection. Septic Inspections help you by: Determining the capacity of the tank (if unknown) and if it complies with septic requirements Identifying any problems with the tank, helping to avoid more expensive repairs or replacements Documents any current health risks associated with the tank, indicated by slow drainage, wet areas of the lawn, or bad odor around toilets. Available 24/7 to Lake, Sumter, Marion, Citrus County residents. For residential and commercial emergency septic repair, call 352-322-9068

Your toilet or bathroom drain being clogged may be as simple as Emergency Septic Cleaning your septic lines with high pressure water.

Our founder has decades of experience in diagnosing drain-related issues.

Our team uses septic equipment and pressurized water to remove blockages and clear drain lines for optimal flow.

Consider a yearly maintenance for optimal septic flow. This will help you avoid blockages caused by soaps, grease, hair and other household debris that build up in your line and slow or block flow.

Available 24/7 to Lake, Sumter, Marion, Citrus County residents. For residential and commercial emergency septic repair, call 352-322-9068

It’s imperative to maintain your septic system or it can get messy and turn into a situation for your home or office. Emergency Septic has you covered. A septic system functions with a balance of several factors – if these different parts aren’t observed and taken care of, it can become a serious issue.

Emergency Septic’s Tank Cleaning Service has a team of experienced professionals for your septic tank pumping and cleaning, ensuring your system runs smooth for years. Inability to flush or run faucets properly, backed-up drainage pipes, flooding and more can all be avoided with regular septic tank cleaning and pumping in Sumter, Lake, Marion, and Citrus County.

Situations like these occur when the buildup in your septic system no longer allows wastewater to flow freely from your home.

Exactly how often you should have your septic system pumped depends on a few key factors:

  • The size of your septic tank and the design
  • How many people are using the septic system
  • Amount of waste water the system is using
  • Volume of solid waste

If you’re still not sure, the professionals at Emergency Septic can perform a septic system inspection and determine the best schedule moving forward. Over time you’ll find that your septic tank runs more efficiently and lasts much longer than it would have otherwise. Plus, it will cost you a lot less in the long run when you don’t have to worry about making emergency repairs and dealing with the damages caused to your property.

Fast, reliable Emergency Septic Repair provided by our team for you when needed. Available 24/7 to Lake, Sumter, Marion, Citrus County residents. For residential and commercial emergency septic repair, call 352-322-9068

A very common cause of septic tank problems is using too much detergent. The phosphates in your detergent encourages algae growth. This growth can cause blockages and backups in your lines and tank. Using too much water can also be a septic tank problem. Too much water entering into your septic tank will cause the water levels to rise high enough that solids within the tank can wash back into the pipes that are made to handle only liquids. Once this happens, blockages can occur. No matter what the cause – the pros at Emergency Septic can get your tank flowing again.

Your drain field is one of the most important components of your septic tank system underneath the Florida earth. It filters pretreated water into your soil. That’s why it’s important you have the most highly trained install your drain field.

If your drain field becomes clogged or crushed, you could begin to experience a variety of unpleasant issues. Sewage could seep into your yard, and it could even back into your house! If your drain field fails to function properly and you begin to suffer with these unpleasant results, just call up the experts at Emergency Septic for a quick, affordable repair.

Over time you will experience issues with your drain field. Emergency Septic is prepared to repair any issues.

With over 25 years of experience, we are professionals at diagnosing and providing drain field repairs and installation. No issue is too large for our experienced Emergency Septic team to handle.

Permitting Handled. We work with the local cities/counties of Lake, Sumter, Marion, and Citrus to make sure your permits are filed correctly and everything is completed up to code.

A drain field is an important component of your home’s septic system. The drain field is responsible for distributing the wastewater (effluent) that accumulates in your septic tank and allowing it to filter back into the soil.

Catch minor issues before becoming major problems.

The accumulation of grease will obviously clog your lines and create a buildup.

This scenario is not good for your business.

It’s important for you to clean your grease trap regularly. You must pump out grease traps to keep them clean and functioning properly.

Our grease trap cleaning services are highly professional and we remove all of the water and waste matter from your grease trap.

Emergency Septic Technicians will scrape down the walls and the tank floor to remove any grease buildup, checking for blockages between the building and the grease trap.

Available 24/7 to Lake, Sumter, Marion, Citrus County residents. For residential and commercial emergency septic repair, call 352-322-9068

Grease Trap Cleaning


Emergency Septic has the right equipment, expertise, and experience to get your lift station serviced professionally and timely.

The accumulation of grease and oil, in particular, can be the source of endless headaches and lead to costly repairs.

Any downtime to a municipal lift station due to solids and debris buildup, float issues, pump clogs, or failures can cause backups and disastrous overflows leading to discharges of septic, grease or stormwater into nearby homes or onto roads.

Available 24/7 to Lake, Sumter, Marion, Citrus County residents. For residential and commercial emergency septic repair, call 352-322-9068


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