Septic Tank Repair

A very common cause of septic tank problems is using too much detergent. The phosphates in your detergent encourages algae growth. This growth can cause blockages and backups in your lines and tank.

Using too much water can also be a septic tank problem. Too much water entering into your septic tank will cause the water levels to rise high enough that solids within the tank can wash back into the pipes that are made to handle only liquids. Once this happens, blockages can occur.

No matter what the cause – the pros at Emergency Septic can get your tank flowing again.

Septic Tank Replacement

If your septic tank should need to be replaced, we have the proper licenses and equipment to make this process smooth and easy. Schedule a quote at 352-322-9068

Septic Tank Inspections

A septic tank functions as part of a system, and is susceptible to failure. Prior to purchasing a home, the homebuyers should definitely have the septic tank inspected as part of a general property inspection.

Septic Inspections help you by:

  • Determining the capacity of the tank (if unknown) and if it complies with septic requirements
  • Identifying any problems with the tank, helping to avoid more expensive repairs or replacements
  • Documents any current health risks associated with the tank, indicated by slow drainage, wet areas of the lawn, or bad odor around toilets.

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