Drain Fields Installation & Service

Your drain field is one of the most important components of your septic tank system underneath the Florida earth. It filters pretreated water into your soil. That’s why it’s important you have the most highly trained install your drain field.

If your drain field becomes clogged or crushed, you could begin to experience a variety of unpleasant issues. Sewage could seep into your yard, and it could even back into your house! If your drain field fails to function properly and you begin to suffer with these unpleasant results, just call up the experts at Emergency Septic for a quick, affordable repair.

Over time you will experience issues with your drain field.

No issue is too large for our experienced Emergency Septic team to handle.

Permitting Handled. We will work with the local cities/counties of Lake, Sumter, Marion, and Citrus to make sure your permits are filed correctly and everything is completed up to code.

A drain field is an important component of your home’s septic system. The drain field is responsible for distributing the wastewater (effluent) that accumulates in your septic tank and allowing it to filter back into the soil.

Catch minor issues before becoming major problems.

Types of Drain Fields

Gravity Drain Field

Gravity systems are the most common variety of residential drain field. They work by allowing the effluent to flow down a series of gravel-filled trenches and filter through the soil before returning to the water table. Gravity systems are most effective in areas with dry, permeable soil.

Pressure distribution Drain Field

For lots where a gravity drain field isn’t effective a pressure distribution drain field is the most common alternative. The system works the same as a gravity drain field, but adds a pump to manually move the effluent through the drainage trenches.

Mound System

A mound system is a specialized type of pressure distribution drain field constructed in homes with a high-water table. In it, an artificial drain field is built above the ground, ensuring the effluent has enough space to filter properly.

Aerobic treatment unit (ATU)

An ATU speeds up drain field efficiency by promoting the growth of aerobic bacteria, which processes sewage much faster than naturally occurring anaerobic species.

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